Onslow County Partnership for Children:

We are a private non-profit agency that advocates and provides services for the healthy development of children, by building the strengths and capacities of families, care-giving professionals, and the communities in which they reside.

Triple P

Triple P

Who is Triple P for at the Onslow County Partnership for Children?

  • Every parent/caregivers who has a child age 0-5; including families with children who have special needs
  • English & Spanish options

What is the Triple P program?

  • Parent & Family Support Program
  • It is a proven program that provides parents with tools for successful parenting.
  • There is an option for every family

How can Triple P benefit me?

  • You will come together as a group or in one to one sessions to build on the five principles that will guide you and your child.
    1. Create a safe, interesting environment
      • Bored kids are likely to misbehave. So create an environment that allows kids to explore safely and develop their skills.
    2. Have a positive learning environment
      • If a child comes to you for help or to talk, they’re ready to learn. Give them positive attention, even if only for a minute or so. Encourage their ideas and opinions.
    3. Use Assertive Discipline
      • Set clear rules and boundaries and follow through with fair consequences. You can negotiate some of these with older kids and decide on the rules and consequences together. Praise little and big kids to encourage the behavior you like.
    4. Have Realistic Expectations
      • Nobody is perfect – kids or adults – so don’t expect your child to do more (or less) then they’re capable of. And remember, we all make mistakes sometimes.
    5. Take Care of Yourself as a Parent
      • It’s all about balance. You’ve got to look after your own needs too, so make sure you’re getting some support, time with friends.

Are you ready to join Triple P through the Onslow County Partnership for Children?

Contact us or call a Family Support Specialist at 910-353-7302, ext. 367.