Onslow County Partnership for Children:

We are a private non-profit agency that advocates and provides services for the healthy development of children, by building the strengths and capacities of families, care-giving professionals, and the communities in which they reside.

Safe Kids Onslow

Safe Kids Onslow was founded in 2012 by a multi-disciplinary group of professionals and citizens in Onslow County, all interested in the prevention of unintentional childhood injury.  As a chapter of Safe Kids North Carolina and Safe Kids USA, our local chapter works to increase community awareness of injury prevention strategies through planned events and initiatives.

Current initiatives include Barrett's Pledge, an effort to ensure that working professionals in Onslow County utilize licensed or legally operating unlicensed child care for their children.  Professionals in our community can take Barrett's Pledge by "liking" the pledge page on facebook.

In North Carolina, it is a felony to care for more than two children, unrelated to you, for more than four hours a day on a regular basis without a state issued child care license.

Child care licensure ensures that child care providers have:

  • Annual monitoring visits by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education
  • Safety training, including CPR, First Aid, and Reducing the Risk of Suddent Infant Death
  • Background checks for all adults living in the home
  • Support and training in child development