Onslow County Partnership for Children:

We are a private non-profit agency that advocates and provides services for the healthy development of children, by building the strengths and capacities of families, care-giving professionals, and the communities in which they reside.

Our Committees

In addition to being led by a Board of Directors comprised of local community members, OCPC involves other stakeholders through a variety of committees that focus on issues and services specific to our community. We appreciate the time and talents of all of our partners througout various sectors of the community who participate in the work of the Partnership.

Early Head Start Policy Council

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Lisa Barkas Parent Representative
Savanna Rossi Parent Representative
Kayla Pulling Parent Representative
Kassy Stewart Parent Representative
Kimberly Winston Onslow County Department of Social Services
Joan Bold, RN USMC MCCS Child Development Centers
Cheryl Kelly Onslow County Health Department


Early Head Start Health Services Advisory Committee


NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Jessica Hansley Community Care of the Lower Cape Fear
Linda Swarts NC Public Health (oral Section)
Geoconda Morrow Child Health Nurse-OCHD
Michele Parsons OCHD-CC4C
Teresa Alphin, Director Head Start
Erin Tallman OMH- VP Patient and Family Advocacy and Services Improvement
Angel Pollock OMH-Maternal Child Nursing Manager
Dr. Connie Gilliam (Doris Foskey) Gilliam Dentistry
Dr. Veronica Taylor-Williams Signature Smiles (Dentist)
Katie Bullock, MS, RD OCHD Nutrition
Robin Seitz, Extension Agent NC Cooperative Extension
Dr. Madhur Mittal Jacksonville Childrens Clinic
Melanie Jordan, PEERS Director DSS
Dr. Allen Butler (Dr. Conekin) Family Eye Care
Karen Reaves, MA. LPA System of Care Coordinator- Coastal Care
Maya Tomlinson EHS Parent
Christina Malu Family & Community Part/MH Coordinator EHS
Alex Shreve Health & Disabilities Coordinator EHS


Early Head Start Parent Committee

All members of the Parent Committee are parents of children currently enrolled in Early Head Start


Child Advocacy Center Steering Committee

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Aldridge Boone Camp Lejeune Schools
Angela Lee Onslow County Health Dept.
Ann Marie Raymond OCPC
Brendan Gartner Onslow County Schools
Brian Moran NCIS
Casey Fillinger North Topsail PD
Chris Thomas OCSO
Chuck Henry Superior Court Judge
Crystal Hayden OMH
Dawn Rochelle OCPC
Donnie Worrell OCSO
Dwayne Taylor Swansboro Police Dept.
Ed Piper OMH
Ernie Lee District Attorney
George Dentael MCCS Camp Lejeune-New River
Chief Mike Yaniero Public Safety Chief, Jacksonville Police Department
Harriett Hunter-Boykin Camp Lejeune Schools
Hans Miller Onslow County Sheriff
John Maiorano Holly Ridge PD
Jonathan Oakes NCIS
Kathleen Holbrook CAC
Mac Warner SBI
Melanie Jordan PEERS
Mike Halstead Surf City PD
Mike Maultsby District Attorney's Office
Mike Williams NCIS
Penney Burlingame OMH
Renado Prince Albert J. Ellis Airport
Rick Freedman Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune
Rick Stout Onslow County Schools
Ron Lindig Richlands PD
Ron Shanahan Surf City Police Department
Rusty Brown GAL
Todd Battaglia NCIS
Heidi Baur Director, Onslow County Department of Social Services


Child Advocacy Center Advisory Committee

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Brendan Gartner Onslow County Schools
Aimee Watson Green Onslow County DSS
Det. Sgt. John Getty Onslow County Sheriff's Office
Major Chris Thomas Onslow County Sheriff's Office
Samantha West OMH
Jan Knight Family Advocacy Program Camp Lejeune
Mike Williams NCIS
Cpl. Robert Winners Richlands Police
Holly Ridge Police
Mark Ray North Topsail Police
Det. Sgt. James Claxton Surf City Police
Lt. Ronnie Dorn Jacksonville Police Dept.
Sgt. Mark Ketchum Jacksonville Police Dept.
Laurie NardoKunst Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune
Mike Maultsby District Attorney's Office
Leigh Ann Kapiko-Faulkner Camp Lejeune Dependent Schools

Onslow County Multidisciplinary (MDT) Case Review Committee

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Aimee Watson Green Onslow County DSS
Brian McGuire NCIS
Gail Carelli Onslow County DSS
Jameszetta Hardison CPHS
Jan Knight Family Advocacy Camp Lejeune
John Getty Onslow County Sheriff's Office
Julia Parrish Jacksonville Police Dept.
Kathleen Muldoon Regional Trial Counsel
Laurie NardoKunst Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune
Leslie Reynolds Onslow County Schools
Melanie Jordan PEERS
Michelle Pompos Onslow Memorial Hospital
Nathan Sweet District Attorney's Office
Rusty Brown Guardian ad Liem
Vasco Sutton CID-Camp Lejeune
Kathleen Holbrook CACOC
Beth Pogroszewski CACOC
Jenny Benton CACOC
Sara Ellis CACOC
Kristin Humphrey OCPC- Child Advocacy Center, Child and Family Advocate
Ann Marie Raymond OCPC- Family Support and Health Division Director


CCR&R Advisory Committee

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Annette Johnson Onslow County Department of Social Services
Marla Talley MCCS MCB Camp Lejeune
Nikki Reiber Coastal Carolina Community College
Traci Yates Onslow County Schools
Wanda Mills Onslow County Cooperative Extension
Cheryl Cavenaugh Child care (multi-site)
Alex Shreve Disability and Health Coordinator for EHS
Oscar Rodriquez University of Mount Olive at Jacksonvillle-Director
Kim Winston CPS Social Work Program Manager
Mary Hendrickson Instructional Systems Specialist-Early Childhood STEAM POC NC- Camp Lejeune (DODEA)
Mary Jane Harrison Breast Feeding Coordinator OCHD
Patty Cozzolino MCCS Marine Corps Air Station New River


Young Families Connect Advisory Council

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Stephanie Cato Consolidated Human Services
Whitney Noftsier Intern
Junie Christian Executive Director
Holly Abrego PEERS
Rachel Nelson Family Care Branch
Linda Marrama Human Services
Kameron Padgett APP Coordinator
Michael Puglisi WIC Director
Francisca Burns Gray Onslow County Schools
Alia Grant Social Worker - OCS
Hannah Cunningham Parent YFC
Alechea Guichardo Case Worker
Seth Allen Family Specialist
Ann Marie Raymond Health and Family Support Division Director
Stacie Huntington Program Coordinator, YFC


Child Care Consortium

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
April Lester Division of Child Development and Early Education
Bryan Maready Fire Department , Swanboro
John Reed Fire Department, Jacksonville
Brian Kelly Onslow County Emergency Services
Kim Sherry Division of Child Development and Early Education
Marla Talley MCB Camp Lejeune Family Care Branch
Mary Beth Datka Division of Child Development and Early Education
Marti Brown CCR&R- Region 3 Lead Agency
Randy Jones Fire Department, City of Jacksonville
Sandra Saunders Environmental Health, Onslow County
Tammy Ross Divison of Child Development and Early Education
Walter Doyle Environmental Health, Onslow County


NC Pre-K Committee

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Pam Thomas, Co-Chair Onslow County School Board
Dr. Stacey Cacace Educational and Developmental Intervention Services
Julie Collins Co-Chair Community
Teresa Alphin Onslow County Schools
Paul Buchanan Onslow County Board of Commissioners
Laura Payne Coastal Carolina Community College
Angela Lee Onslow County Health Department
James Lanier Onslow County Schools
Mike Yaniero City of Jacksonville
Heidi Baur DSS
Bill Keller Community
Lisa Barkas Parent- EHS
Marla Talley MCCS Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
Gina Mancini Community Business Leader


Safe Kids Onslow Coalition

NameAgency/Demographic Representation
Kristi Pitchford, Chair Concerned Citizen
Angela Lee or Michelle Andrade Onslow County Health Department
Angie Robles, Vice Chair Onslow County Youth Services
Brian Kelly, Chair or Stacie Miles Onslow County Emergency Management Services
Kim Winston, Treasurer Onslow County Department of Social Services
Daisy Haywood JPD
Maribel Dorsey, Secretary/Co-Coordinator OCPC
Shaun Hayes or Randy Jones Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services
Randall Butle or Jose Concepcion OCSD
Robin Seitz Onslow County Cooperative Extension